At Sens Orbit,

We develop a complete range of services to assist you in implementing your projects.

  • A range of services

    We create web and mobile platforms adapted to cloud computing services.

  • Performance

    We have a high-performance team at the forefront of recent and interactive technologies.

  • Scalability

    Conception of solutions integrating the commercial dimension and the scaling of your projects.

  • Translation consult

    Our interpreters and translators have expertise in English, French, Chinese languages


About Sens Orbit

"We carefully respect the ITIL approach adopted for the management of your information system. The analysis, design and development of custom software is our core business. " "We always draw the attention of our customers to the creative and innovative aspects we want to give to their products."

"We run training sessions in Robotics in Africa and the United States helping small-scale companies target automated tools and resources discover simple tools they can implement in their workflow. "

Rachael ORUMOR
CEO, Sens Orbit

Sens Orbit specializes in both software development applied to business needs and in Linguistic consult.
Our team of experts in translation and interpretation provide Linguistic services tailored to your needs.
We offer powerful solutions for creating, deploying and maintaining your software projects.


In a field in perpetual motion, we anticipate technology watch to offer you a quality service. Our quality approach is another of our strengths with an assurance of a serious and efficient work, and a realization in symbiosis with your needs. Our expertise in the development of business applications allows us great assurance in all types of projects.

  • Robotics

    Assembling and programming of robotics components.

  • Architectural design

    Architectural Design and Systems Integration (Systems Interoperability)

  • Web solutions

    Web solutions (including cloud computing)


    Gathering and Managing software project requirements

  • ADE

    Agile Developpement Expertise

  • Mobile solutions

    Creation of mobile applications and services

  • Linguistic consult

    Translation and Interpretation English / French and French / English

  • Operating systems

    WINDOWS, LINUX, Android OS, iOS

Recent activities

Sens Orbit offers services adapted to customers' need.

E-Capture App for ASO Plc MicroFinance Bank, Nigeria

Rachael Orumor Booking website

Professional Appointment Management platform for Jim Consulting in Italy

News report website for Dignite Feminine in Rep. Benin.

Technical (Software) Document Translation for the Open SI Company in Rep. Benin

Customer Engagement Platform for Diamond Bank (Francophone Africa), Rep. of Benin

Governance Clout App for Sprucecities company, Nigeria

GoldRushNews 247 Mobile Application for GoldRushNews, Nigeria

Corporate Ratings System Application for Diamond Bank (Francophone Africa), Rep. of Benin

Requirement Gathering for the Tourist Afric Company, Rep. of Benin.

Linguistic Consult for the LNB (Lotterie Nationale du Bénin)

YMBD Nigeria website

Linguistic Consult for UATM-Gasa Formation, Rep. Benin

SOAP service based Alert Management system for Diamond Bank (Francophone Africa), Rep. of Benin

Online registration website for UATM-Gasa Formation, Rep. Benin


They trust us.

  • softdigital client - diamondBank
  • asoecapture client
  • softdigital client - lnb2
  • softdigital client - stojaict
  • softdigital client - agentic
  • softdigital client - Dignitefeminine
  • softdigital client - goldrush
  • softdigital client - manchomind1
  • softdigital client - opensi
  • softdigital client - uatm

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